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The Tura River Embankment

On one of the four storeys of the embankment there are bronze bas-reliefs, dedicated to the history of Tyumen. They are sculptured portraits of famous Tyumen citizens, and a granite map of the historical city centre.

The construction allows for flooding during high water period, which is why the lowest level and the stairs are made entirely of granite.

The embankment is being built to protect the bank of the river from constant flooding and side erosion. It is also designed to entice Tyumen citizens to the area and attract investment to the city budget. The embankment will be functioning all year round. A multistoried parking area will be built to accommodate visitors.

The second phase of construction will focus on the area between the Chelyuskintsev Bridge and the Maslovsky Entrance (so-called Berth of the Emperor), where previously there was a harbour and a river station. The third phase will focus on the area between the Lovers` Bridge and the mouth of the Babarynka River. This area is currently lined with industrial buildings. It has been suggested that a 3D map of the city be created here. A harbour for sightseeing vessels between the Lovers` Bridge and the mouth of the Tyumenka River is also planned.

The official name of the embankment hasn’t been chosen yet, but three options are being considered: ataman Yermak Timofeyevich, Admiral Posyet and Kuchum.

The embankment is one of Tyumen residents` favourite places to relax. In the summer you and your family can walk, cycle or rollerskate all along the embankment. TyumenFree provides free wi-fi allowing those along the embankment to enjoy free internet service.