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Hot springs

Tyumen hot springs are popular not only with those living in the region – even people from abroad come here to improve their health. It is said that Yermak had his first victory due to this mineral water.

According to the legend, in 1582 the army of Yermak was near the Tura River, near the capital of Ulus, the fortress Chingi-Tura. At night one of the Kazaks saw that a falling star hadn’t faded but was still glinting somewhere at the bank of the river. He headed towards it and found a spring, to which a bunch of tired horses were heading. They were drinking water and suddenly seemed to gain a burst of energy. The Kazak understood that the water had healing power. He drank it, and then washed his tired feet and swollen joints. Over the next weeks he visited the spring many times, and gained power from it. The outcome of Yermak`s fight was destined. The Kazaks conquered Chingi-Tura. Several years later, by Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich`s order, Tyumen was built near that place.

In the suburbs of the city are many hot springs which have become a favourite of Tyumen people.

Resort Verhny Bor

At the resort there are two thermal pools. Next to one of the pools there is the hotel complex Open Thermal Pool. It is divided into different zones: with a jacuzzi, and separate areas for children and adults, with lots of hydromassage equipment. The water temperature is kept at 39 to 40C. The depths of the pool are 1,5m for adults and 70 cm in the children’s zone. Visitors can have lunch in the café. There is a first-aid post nearby, a massage room, equipment hire and billiards tables. The second thermal pool is at the SPA hotel Spring area. It is also open and equipped with hydromassage technique. Next to it is a sauna and a cafe.

Countryside club Avan

Avan contains three swimming pools with depths of 4 to 9 meters: a children`s pool with a geyser and a waterfall, a hydromassage pool and a swimming pool. In winter the water temperature is kept at no lower than 45C. It is one of the hottest thermal springs near Tyumen. In the club there is a hotel, a cafe, two Finnish saunas, an IR sauna, ceder barrels, a massage room, changing rooms with individual lockers, a recreation room and a billiards table.

Contacts: Tyumen, 11 km of Salairsky highway, +7(3452)38-35-55

Working hours and directions are here: www.avan72.ru

Resort Polyanka

At the resort a pool with hot mineral water is open all day. Visitors can stay at the hotel. There is a cafe, pavilions and even a big football pitch. The pool is protected from winds and equipped with changing rooms. The water temperature in summer and winter is kept at a constant 43C. Visitors can stay in triple rooms or in trailers. In addition, 2 km away from the hot spring is a 6-person hunting collage with a banya and guarded parking.

Hot spring Sosnovy Bor

In Sosnovy Bor there are two big swimming pools under the sky with hot mineral water. There is also a banya with firewood, a Finnish sauna, a phytobarrel session, a Japanese bath with air massage. There is a cottage for 8 people, a hotel, pavilions, a cafe (traditional and Caucasian cuisine), changing rooms, a playground and guarded parking. There is also winter and summer equipment for hire.

Hot Spring in Salairsky highway

In this hot spring there in a thermal pool which consists of three zones. The water temperature is kept at 38C. Thermal waters come straight from the well with strong water pressure and temperature of 46C, and fill the pool with mineral water. Running water, having filled the main pool, flows to the second one, and then the third. Visitors can stay in trailers for 2, 3 or 4 people, and eat in the cafe or canteen.

Contacts, information, directions and price list are here: www.goryachie-istochniki.ru.