Tyumen Judo Grand Slam

Tyumen Grand Slam’s fun-zone

30 June 2015
On the 27th of June 2015 as part of the Youth Day the organizers of the upcoming tournament invited Tyumen citizens to a fun-zone devoted to the Tyumen Grand Slam. Bright colorful stage was placed near the central fountain at the main pedestrian street named Tsvetnoy Boulevard.

The energetic and emotional performances by Tyumen judokas, Russian masters of sports, were presented to the audience. Also the executive director of the "Tyumen-Judo" Olympic Center Denis Vakushin held an informative presentation about judo, explaining to fans the basic rules of the sport, the three major scores shown by referees such as yuko, waza-ari and ippon, the right conduct of the fight, etc. The athletes demonstrated visually every movement directly on the mats on the stage.

The live mascot of the tournament – the Sable Tatamik – drew a particular attention of the audience. With great pleasure the mascot took part in a photo session, and then performed the skills and qualities of a real judoka, getting thunders of applause.

Each visitor could take part in various competitions, quizzes and get a gift of a fluffy toy of Tatamik. Judo fans competed in the knowledge of the sport rules and sports songs, of judo history. The most spectacular competition revealed the one, who was the first and the fastest to put on a judogi and to tear a judogi belt. It is worth noting that this part of the performance attracted a great attention of visitors, because everyone was interested in how to tear a really firm belt. But in fact, it was rather easy and didn’t require so great efforts. Later even the youngest participants had learned the lesson how to tear a belt.

Everyone could take a picture with Tatamik, win the prizes and gain valuable information about the tournament. It remains only to use this knowledge and visit the Athletics Arena on the 18th and 19th of July and enjoy this beautiful martial art, watching live fights of the best judokas of the world on the Tyumen mat.

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