Tyumen Judo Grand Slam

Sergey Kushkov: We are planning several events in the frame of Grand Slam

26 June 2015

Sergey Kushkov – president of United Judo and Sambo Federation of Tyumen region has answered questions fr om media.  

-Our region will be represented by 4 athletes. They are Ivan Vorobiyov and Grigoriy Sulemin, who have already taken Grand Slam awards. National team coaches have also given the chances to Kazbek Zankishiev and Aigul Tashtimirova. They will perform on such a high level competition for the first time. Although they have won the awards of international competitions. Zankishiev became the winner of Junior World and European Championships, where he was qualified to be the most technical athlete. Kazbek had a chance to perform successfully among seniors. In February he took  silver medal of Grand Prix in Dusseldorf, having lost to one of the leaders of the world ranking list. Tashtimirova became Junior Russia Champion under 23. Than she took awards of European Cup twice, - noticed Sergey.

-Will Russian national team have any training session before Grand Slam?

We are planning several events in the frame of the tournament. There will be Referee seminar, wh ere they will discuss latest tendencies in Judo development and certain new technics in Referee rules. Russian national team will have its training period since 3 till 15 of July. And after finishing of Grand Slam we are conducting international training camp which many national teams will take part in. This session is considered to be a traditional event after finishing the competition. There will be lots of fights, and all the judokas will see some features of various national judo schools. It’s a great opportunity for the young generation to gain new experience. Last year all training center balconies were full of young judokas, who saw such famous athletes for the first time in their life. And those ones who are more experienced will be able to take part in the fights. During the training session there will be a chance to take some pictures with famous athletes.

Does Russia have any medal expectations regarding home Grand Slam event?

-Surely we are expecting the awards from Russian athletes. But we don’t have an exact medal plan. Athletes are always nervous during competition like this. Sometimes even very experienced judokas get out of the competition on its very beginning. It’s hard for young judokas to perform on such an event for the first time. But it is usually conducted with the purpose of future perspectives. The winner of Grand Slam gets 500 ranking points. Also those athletes who won at least one fight are given points. If I’m not mistaken they are given 20 points for that. And even if judoka has lost the fight in the first round he will be able to get 2 points. I suppose Russian national team will definitely win some Grand Slam medals.

Do we have any Tyumen athletes who are expected to take part in 2016 Rio Olympics?

-Natalia Kuzyutina has quite high rating. She is placed on the second line of IJF top-list in -52 kg category. This week she will represent Tyumen-Judo training complex on European Games in Baku. Musa Mogushkov is a real candidate for Olympic trip. This athlete was several times winner of Grand Slam, two times bronze medalist of the World Championship. But recently Musa had had an operation on his arm. Now he is in the process of active rehabilitation. He has already been training on tatami.  

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