Tyumen Judo Grand Slam


10 July 2015
An open workout of the Russian national judo team was carried out today, on the 9th of July, in Olympic training center “Tyumen-judo”. Our team is training in this center for the Judo Grand Slam.

In the training room of the Olympic training center judokas practiced techniques and throws. The main audiences of this thrilling event were young judokas who are just beginning their paths to the big sport. Children from the Olympic reserve school, from local Olympic training center “Tyumen-judo”, from schools of Tyumen region, from such sport schools as “Grad”, “Tura” and “Olympiez” visited this training – total about 80 people.

Teaching workshops for children were held by the Russian national team athletes: Irina Dolgova, Alesya Kuznetzova, Tyumen citizens Grigorii Sulemin and Ivan Vorobiev. Judokas showed their favorite techniques. So children could see the excellence of sportsmen of international level.

Moreover all the young judokas got gift cards dedicated to the upcoming tournament which were signed by sportsmen with good luck wishes. Everyone had opportunity to take a picture with the champions.

We would like to remind you that the Judo Grand Slam tournament will take place in the Athletics arena on the 18th and 19th of July. Tickets for the evening part of the event cost 200 roubles and can be obtained in the ticket windows of sport center Tsentralniy and the Athletics arena. The entrance for the morning part is free.

The tournament media service
Photo by Vyacheslav Verenich, ZSP72 media service

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