Tyumen Judo Grand Slam

Grand Slam First Day: Six of Seven Gold Medals to Japan

16 July 2016

In the women’s tournament, the Japanese athletes won all the gold medals. 

In the weight category up to 48 kg the Japanese athlete Tonaki won the final in the fight against Natalia Kondratieva from Russia. Bronze medals went to Milica Nikolic (Serbia) and Sabina Gilyazova (Russia). Japanese athlete Shishime Ai won the gold of the Grand Slam in the -52 kg category. Silver went to Yulia Ryzhova from Russia. Tyumen judoka Aygul Tashtimirova and Croatian Tena Šikić have bronze. The winner of the last year Grand Slam tournament in Tyumen, Japanese Tsukasa Yoshida won the fight of the -57 kg category, silver went to Daria Mezhetskaya from Russia. Jovana Rogić (Serbia) and Natalia Golomidova (Russia) have bronze medals. In the up to 63 kg category the Tyumen judoka Daria Davydova couldn’t win in the fight against Japanese Nouchi Aimi, and became a silver medalist of the tournament. The bronze went to Mia Hermansson (Sweden) and Diana Dzhigaros (Russia).

Withtin the men’s tournament  three more gold medals went to Japanese team, and one to Russia by Tyumen judoka Musa Mogushkov. Japanese athlete Oshima Yuma won the gold in the up to 60 kg category over Albert Oguzov from Russia. Bronze went to Ilgar Mushkiev and Davud mammadsov (Azerbaijan). Abe Hifumi of Japan became a winner of the tournament in the -66 kg category. His opponent was Russian Anzaur Ardanov. Bronze went to Jakub Shamilov (Russia) and Tateyama Sho (Japan). In the final of the tournament in the -73 kg category between two Tyumen judokas the strongest one is Musa Mogushkov winning over Arbia Khamkhoev. Bronze of this category went to Alim Gadanov (Russia) and Tommy Macias (Sweden).

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