Tyumen Judo Grand Slam

Over 50 national teams are registered for Tyumen Grand Slam

26 June 2015

Number of Tyumen Judo Grand Slam participants is growing daily. There are already 289 judokas fr om 51 countries registered for the competition which will be held on 18th-19th of July.

Hungarian athletes  didn’t win  Grand Slam awards last year. Now there are 14 Hungarian judokas who will come to Tyumen to compete. We will see some really famous representatives among them. Heavy weight athlete Barna Bor took part in two Olympics. In 2011 in Tyumen Open Judo he competed in the finals, wh ere the winner was Abdulla Tangriev from Uzbekistan. Bor also won silver medal on Continental forum. In Baku in May he became the winner of Azerbaidjan edition of Grand Slam in heavy weight category.

We will see Kristian Tot in -90 kg category. In 2014 Hungarian athlete won silver medal of the World Championships in Chelyabinsk.

The main star of Hungarian women’s national team is Abigel Jo. Having become European Champion twice, she performs in -78 kg category, she was close to the award in Olympics 2012, but she lost in the bronze fight. 24-year old Jo had competed twice in Tyumen, and both times successfully.  In 2011 she won European Championship under 23 in Tyumen. And in 2013 she won the bronze medal of Masters tournament also here in Tyumen.

In -70 kg category Hungarian national team has nominated Anet Breitenbakh. Being an experienced athlete she won silver medals of the World Championships twice in 2009 and 2010.


We are expecting to see USA athlete’s performance on Siberian tatami. Trevis Stivens will compete in -81 kg category. 29-year old athlete has won several prestigious tournaments and also had been among winners on Panamerican Games. Stivens had already performed on Tyumen Grand Slam last year and he took the fifth place.

USA ladies will visit Siberia for the first time. Hana Karmikel (-57 kg) and Hanna Martin (-63 kg) will represent USA. They are both quite experienced athletes. They won lots of international competitions in various periods of their sport carrier.

We have 3 representatives from Czech Republic who applied for Tyumen Grand Slam. Pavel Petrikov will compete in -60 kg category. He had an experience of performing in Tyumen last year, when he took the 7th place. Petrikov has won various awarding titles on prestigious tournaments. He became bronze medalist of Baku Grand Slam in 2013.

Yaromir Ezhek is going to represent Czech in -73 kg category. He won bronze medal of 2011 European Championship. Ezhek was 3 times winner of World Cups. By the way, he also performed in Tyumen last year. As well as Petrikov, he had the 7th place in his category.

French national team who applied for Grand Slam consists of men only for the present moment. There are 9 representatives who will fight for the honor of their country. We can see a lot of titled athletes among them. Sofia Milu has become 2010 European Champion in -60 kg category.

Alen Shmidt is applied in -81 kg category. He was the bronze medalist of World Championship in 2013 in Brazil. Alexander Iddir will perform in -90 kg category. In 2014 was the bronze medalist of home Continental forum.

One of the best representatives in -100 kg category will be Siril Mare. He took the bronze medal of European Championships twice. In 2013 he was leaving Tyumen with the prestigious award. He took the 3rd place on Masters tournament. Among heavy weight athletes, with absence of legendary Teddy Riner, France will be represented by Jan-Sebastian Bonvoison. In 2013 he took the bronze medal of European Championship.

Two Serbian judokas have applied for Tyumen Grand Slam. 18-years old Nemaniya Maidov will perform in -81 kg category, he is considered to be the strongest athlete of the world in his weight category. Last year junior athlete was recognized as the best young Serbian athlete. This season Nemaniya has become the champion of the country. Tyumen Grand Slam will be the first senior checkpoint for Maidov. Alexandr Kukol will perform in -90 kg category. He took silver medals of Grand Prix twice during his carrier. 

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