Tyumen Judo Grand Slam

Kazbek Zankishiev: “There Won’t Be Weak Rivals At Grand Slam”

30 June 2015
Kazbek Zankishev one of the representatives of the Russian national team is getting ready for Grand Slam. Many times he succeeded in high level competitions. His trophies are gold medals of Junior World Championships and European Youth Championships where he got a title of the most technical athlete.

The trainee of the Olympic Training Center "Tyumen-Judo" had showed himself in fights with experienced athletes. In 2013 Zankishiev became a silver medalist of Russian Championship, and now, last February, has successfully fought in Dusseldorf at the Grand Prix tournament series , where he took the second place. Then on the german tatami he lost in finals of the category up to 90 kg to a medalist of the world championships and one of the world leaders of the IJF rating Varlam Liparteliani fr om Georgia. Last April Kazbek made a good showing in the team competitions. With his teammates from the Tyumen team named “Noviy Potok” (New stream) he conquered gold in the Russian club championship, which took place in the city of Nalchik.

- Were you pleased with the news that you can become a participant of Grand Slam?
- Me and my coach Danil Volovich wanted me to take part in this event long ago. This competition has a great importance for us. It can bring me a lot of ranking points, if I win of course, - says Zankishiev.  
- But is it hard to win on level like this?
- It is always hard to win because my rivals want to be the best too. And they prepare for the fights as well as I do.
- In Dusseldorf at the Grand Prix tournament you lost to a titled Liparteliani, what went wrong?
- He just outplayed me. It’s the only way to describe that fight. He defeated because of his great experience. Maybe it’s even better that he won. If I had won then my fame could affect me.
- In Club Championship in Russia, wh ere being a part of the Tyumen team of “Noviy Potok” you won the gold medal, was it difficult?
- The main thing is that we fought and tried. But the core difficulty of the team competition is that you have a responsibility to the team. So it was necessary to win every fight, not to offend my teammates - Kazbek laughs.
- In Tyumen at Grand Slam will meet, probably a nice company at the weight of 90 kg?
- I think that at this level of competition there are no weak opponents. Everybody will try their best to win a medal.
- Are you preparing some wrestling surprises for your opponents?
- I will have to surprise them during the fights. None of the rivals will give that easy a possibility to make a throw. It will be necessary to look for ways to win. And everybody has different tactics of fights. Someone likes attacking style. Others are able to properly defend themselves and wait for the chance to conduct a productive counter-attack. With each of these fighters it’s hard in their own way.
- You are in Sochi now among Russian national team. What are working at now?
- Just intense trainings. And sometimes it is very hard. But everybody is preparing for the major tournaments with the desire to show a good result.
- What do you want to achieve in Judo?
- I have a dream like any soldier. All of those who are professionally engaged in martial arts want to get to the highest level and become the best - said Kazbek, who studies at the Tyumen Oil and Gas University.

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