Tyumen Judo Grand Slam

Dmitriy Gramotin: We have been arranging this event for more than several months

26 June 2015

Press-conference regarding Grand Slam tournament took place in Tyumen. One of the speakers was director of Ministry of sports and youth politics of Tyumen region Dmitriy Gramotin.

-We have been arranging this event for more than several months. We started designing Athletics arena, where the competition will take place. Besides, we have to meet all IJF requirements. We started constructing spectator’s tribunes. Grand Slam is a ranking event, where athletes can win their points, needed to get the license to have the right to perform in summer Olympics in Brazil. Therefore we are expecting more judokas to perform on Tyumen tatami than last year. Application campaign finishes on 26th of June and for the present moment we have 289 athletes from 51 countries. The biggest delegation is expected to come from Germany. It consists of 24 athletes. Mongolian team will be presented with 19 judokas. Japan team consists of 14 athletes. Russian national team hasn’t applied yet. We are starting Grand Slam tickets sale since 1st of July. Price of the tickets will be 200 rubles generally but we are thinking of various benefits. All organizational issues regarding delegations meeting, catering, accommodation, training sessions are under control. We are proud to have an experienced workers in the organizing committee, - highlighted Dmitriy.

-Did big Judo event become traditional in Tyumen? And why Grand Slam competition is placed in Athletics arena?

-Contract with IJF regarding the famous tournament Grand Slam is signed for three years. This year is going to be the second event. Regarding the venue, Olympic training center “Tyumen – Judo” is considered to be more as a training complex. It is good for conducting national championships and children events. There are less seats for spectators there. According to Grand Slam charter it should have 4 tatamis in a row. Only Athletics arena meet all the requirements. 

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